Consortium projects are individual themes within SEEG practice for exploration, evaluation and commentary. Goals of individual projects are the production of a critical summary of the particular topic in addition to a set of recommendations for practice. It is anticipated that the majority of projects will published in the Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology as position papers or ACNS-endorsed guidelines. Other projects may simply appear as articles  of more general interest.

Each project has been assigned a lead, based on informal discussion and interest evidenced during correspondence and conference calls. Project leads should feel free to add members to their team, including appropriate external experts who may not be Consortium members. Topics highlighted in amber have already been published.

·           Survey of current SEEG practice in the USA (Lead: Gavvala)

·           History and the cultural shift to SEEG (Lead: Willie)

·           Technical standards for SEEG recording (Lead: Schuele)

·           Electroclinical syndromes and canonical placement schemes (Lead: Kalamangalam)

·           SEEG electrode nomenclature (Lead: Stone)

·           Electrode placement and visualization (Lead: Tandon)

·           Electrical stimulation in SEEG (Lead: Sinha)

·           SEEG data interpretation (Lead: Park)

·           SEEG-influenced surgical techniques (Lead: Gonzalez-Martinez)

·           Pediatric SEEG (Lead: Kheder)

·           Case-based online tutorials (Lead: Raghupathi)

·          Medical and nursing care of the implanted patient (Lead: Alick-Lindstrom)

·          Deep brain targeting with SEEG (Lead: Pati)